Ideal Customer Magnet Worksheet

Emma Natter

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Ideal Customer Magnet Worksheet
Ideal Customer Magnet Worksheet
Ideal Customer Magnet Worksheet

"How do I find people to collaborate with? Who should I collaborate with??" I know this has passed through your mind every time someone tells you the key to authentic growth on Instagram is with collaboration...

I've totally been there. For so long, all I could think of was, "well, my competition has my audience, which community over competition is great...but I need some variety here!" It took me a long time to really understand that my audience, my clients, my customers, are multi-faceted beautiful people with lots of interests and lots of people they love to follow!

And it's my job to track down those people and find my community. Find my crew.

Make sense?

So I set to work creating an extensive worksheet for myself to really open up that audience member to me, to understand what she likes, what she likes to do, and so much more.

It's made every difference. I now have a list of hundreds of accounts on my list to collaborate with and I cannot wait to make it happen!

What's included:

-Tutorial on how collaborations fit into your overall strategy

-An in-depth workbook for you to research and compile a list of over 200 accounts you can collaborate with who have your ideal audience in their audience.

Get ready to break down boundaries and gather your perfect community to you!

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