3-Month Instagram Masterplan

Emma Natter

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3-Month Instagram Masterplan
3-Month Instagram Masterplan
3-Month Instagram Masterplan
3-Month Instagram Masterplan

"I know I need to do better on Instagram." Have you ever said that?

Maybe you feel guilty you're not posting as much as other people...

Maybe you're annoyed that you can't seem to find any space from this app. Do you really have to live your life through that little screen in little squares?

But, here's the good news: Instagram is still one of the very best ways to grow a small business. And if you have the right plan that grows an authentic community, the algorithm truly becomes irrelevant.

A plan that takes you from just "trying to be more consistent," hoping people will take a sec to double tap, getting annoyed at the follow/unfollow game, to gathering a community who is excited about your message, need your help, and buy what you're most excited about next!

This 3-Month Instagram Masterplan is something you can reuse every single quarter in your business to be intentional, strategic, and authentic, and it's all focused around helping you gain more traction and profits.

What's Included?

-A tutorial on how Instagram works and how to be strategic and intentional to achieve your goals.

-A goal-setting worksheet to set your 1-2 biggest intentions so that you can be focused and not waste any energy on anything that's not leading you toward your goal

-A worksheet to carefully plan how you will grow your audience in both numbers and level of relationship in the next three months

-A planning sheet to plan the collaborations that will grow your community

-A carefully laid out 12-week plan so that you know exactly what the purpose is of each week in the 3 month period and can create content accordingly

-3 pages of ideas of what to post so that you are leading your audience to this new level in your business 

-An in-depth content planner for each week of the 12 weeks so that you can plan the topic of each post, Instagram story, and Instagram live

Feel the difference in what it means to have a super strategic, intentional three months with Instagram! I promise, you're going to see it reflected in your confidence, your professionalism, and your profits.

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