10 Pretty Grid Templates

Emma Natter

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10 Pretty Grid Templates
10 Pretty Grid Templates
10 Pretty Grid Templates
10 Pretty Grid Templates

You know that you need to take your Instagram feed seriously to look professional and gain people's trust and get them to follow and all of that... But every time you open your photos to get an image to post...you think about posting one of you like you hear your mentors say, but you just end up posting one of your work again. You'll post more variety later!

Or maybe you just have SO many pictures (hey photographer!) that you don't know how to curate it down to the most important, beautiful ones. 

Plus, what if you're going through a new season in your business? Or you're tired of what you've been posting, but you're a little too nervous to take a step outside of your comfort zone. Where would you even go?

Well, this is exactly why I've created these 10 Pretty Grid Templates. I've organized them by possible happenings in your business like, "family traveling," or "new product launching," or "rebranding" so that you can get a good idea of how to organize, arrange, and balance your pictures to tell your story at it's current best.



-Tutorial on how to organize your feed beautifully and strategically

-10 grids to choose from according to the season of your business.


I promise, with just a little practice, this is a skill you can master so well, you won't even have to think much about it anymore. But everyone landing on your feed will notice that there's something different about yours...

Finally be the feed with the variety, balance, and beauty you've been admiring in your favorite follows...

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